A Mentor

You have probably heard teachers/professors, school/college staff, or students, talking about ‘having a mentor.’ When people talk about mentors, the conversation is nearly always positive, and the mentor ends up being a hero! Now you’re wondering “where can I find a mentor and what is s/he supposed to do for me?”

A mentor provides advice, insight from their first-hand experiences, motivation and moments of accountability. Mentors are great people!

Mentors are all types of people. Your mentor could be
* an inspiring professor
* a compassionate campus advisor or staff member
* a motivating upper division student – in your major or not – it doesn’t matter
* an uncle or aunt or cousin who has provided advice in the past
* a friend of your family who has a career in a profession you’re interested in
* an encouraging religious leader
* a great boss

When you select a mentor, choose someone you admire, and will have your best interests in mind!

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