Academic Advising

Last week, I was assisting transfer students with academic advising at our university’s final orientation session. I was in a room with science majors, and I asked my final advisee of the morning “are you a Bio Chem major?” His reply “I don’t know what I am.”┬áThis student had spent four years between two community colleges, to arrive at a “four-year” institution not knowing what he was going to major in. His story is not uncommon.

After chatting for about 20 minutes he told me he might just like making cabinets for 20 years, but wanted something to fall back on ‘after his back hurt and he couldn’t do that any more.’ And there it was… Late that evening I received this email:

Per your recommendation, I went to the major advising for the construction management and that major is EXACTLY the kind of thing that I am trying to do, I could not have thought of a more perfect major for myself. Needless to say I am now pursuing my bachelors in Construction Management, all thanks to you! I have been trying to figure this out for years and years and all it took was ten minutes of your time! Where were you four years ago?? But really, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you really made an impact on my life today and I will be forever grateful.

Students: the first time you get academic advising, is probably not the last! Utilize all your campus resources to help you find the major that is perfect for you – well before you’re four years into college! Find numerous suggestions on how to engage in these conversations in On the Quad!

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