Academic Status Report (Or, What’s my current grade?!)

Here at my institution (a large state university in the SW), we undertake something called “academic status report (ASR)” at the end of the 6th week, start of the 7th week of the semester.    This ASR is shorthand for “what is your current grade”.  At first, I was not impressed with this requirement (it was more work for me!); but, now I have come to embrace this moment in the semester when I, as an instructor, take stock of my class and the students in it; I like to imagine that it is good for the students also to take stock of their classes and how they are faring.  If your university DOES do it, do not fear it.  At 6-7 weeks in, it actually gives you time to correct your studying behavior for the class if needed; OR, it can add confidence to your current routine — give you the nod that you are doing things well.

If your school does not use such a method, do not despair, we can help!

Step 1:  find your syllabus;

Step 2:  Figure out how many assignments (quizzes, tests, essays, discussion board posts, etc.) have already been due/completed;

Step 3 :  Figure out the total number of points each assignment was worth;

Step 4:  Figure out your score on each assignment;

Step 5:  Add up your score on each assignment; add up the number of points for each assignment.;

Step6:  Divide YOUR points earned by the TOTAL points of assignments combined.

Following these 6 steps above, will give you a percentage that is indicative of your current grade in the class.  For my class, any student below a 70% gets a notification from me.  That’s a good cut off point.  But each of can decide for yourself:  what grade do I hope ultimately to earn in this class?  Then, make your own ASR and decide if you are on the path to that grade (or higher).  If you aren’t, then NOW is the moment to make changes.  Go see the professor in office hours; go visit the teaching assistant; start swapping notes with a classmate.  Pay attention; make a plan and go get the grade you want!  You can do it!

Need help?  Email us, we can help you figure it out!

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