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On our campus it is the season of registration.  In early May, registration begins — people with priority registration go first.  The folks who get this great date include veterans and athletes among some other select groups (for example, our Honors Program students get priority registration).  Currently — in the second week of May — many sophomores are having the chance to register.  Students learn their registration date in early to mid April — almost a month in advance; and, the knowledge of when registration will begin is posted in various places, so it does not sneak up on anyone (who is paying attention).

But, this week, I’ve had 7 desperate emails from students who need advising RIGHT NOW.  They send me emails that say things like “Hi, my registration date is in three hours and I was hoping to come by your office hours and get some ideas about what classes I should take.”  Or:  “Hi, do you have time tomorrow at 8:30 AM to advise me about which classes to take in Fall?  My registration date is tomorrow at 9:30 AM.”

This is too late.  This is way too late.  Moreover, this is not a strategy for success.  You can not expect your professor (or advisor) to be available on demand (like Netflix!).  Professors and advisors have schedules, meetings, and lives.  All of these things get in the way of doing “advising on demand.”  This means that you, dear student, must plan.  You must put into your calendar (on your phone or the paper one) the day that registration begins.  Then, 2 weeks prior to that you make an appointment with your advisor.  This is plenty of time to be able to reasonably get advice for the following semester.  And, the advising session won’t be rushed or hectic.  It will be a student support and success advising session; not a student in a panic advising session.

Make plans.  Implement them.  Do well.

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