An Applicant or An Individual?

A recent story in The Atlantic, titled The False Promise of ‘Holistic’ College Admissions, states “applicants (students) take the admissions process personally.” As a college advisor, I found myself nodding in agreement with many of the thoughts, and research cited, by journalist Pheobe Maltz Bovy. (Article found here:

Students, and parents, I, too, suggest you think of yourselves as a college applicant. Find ways to enjoy the application process, appreciate the highs and lows it takes you through, and then, when the decision emails/letters arrive, do not take rejections personally. You were an applicant, the decision of non-admission was not about you as a person, but one of you as an applicant. Following advice from Chapter Four of On The Quad, you applied to great institutions which you thoughtfully researched; celebrate the acceptances and have fun deciding where to go!

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