Application Deadline

Attention! Attention! High school Seniors! You may not need this reminder, or more likely, you don’t like being reminded that the November 1, deadline to submit college applications is fewer than 25 days away! We know you’re diligently working on your application essays (you’re probably on your 3rd or 4th drafts at this point – keep up the good work!), and you’ve been committed to your SAT/ACT preparation schedule, so you’re ready to give your best on test day, but how much research on college majors have you put in?

Are you selecting the same major on each college application? How much research have you done on the majors that are offered at the institutions to which you’re applying? Do you know if the major you select will influence whether or not you get accepted into the institution? Last Fall, one of our readers applied to five institutions, and he selected a different major at each. This was a good strategy, as some of the institutions to which he applied, accept students based on their requested major (along with all their other admission criteria). By selecting lesser known majors, and unique fields of study, he made himself a desirable admit. He was accepted into each program/institution! This accomplishment made deciding where to attend much more exciting.

Stay focused and  keep motivated, the application stress is nearing and end!



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