Are top ranked schools THAT important?

If you are thinking about applying to colleges (either as a high school student or a transfer student), you may be wondering how important it is to your future career to gain admission to a top-ranked school versus one that it isn’t.

There are many things to consider when applying to a college or university; and, we address this in our book in the early chapters (we even have worksheets to help you!).  Rather than just focusing on top ranked schools, however, I want to draw your attention to this article which discusses the importance of:  grades, top ranked schools, and internships/college experiences.

As the article indicates, depending on your major (or area of study), different aspects or definitions of success hold true.  Want to go into media and communications?  Then start early on to find internships and experiences during your college studies as this will help you land a job later on.

Concerned that you are taking all the ‘right’ courses?  It turns out that is super important to the health care field but far less critical to media and communications.

The graph given in the article makes one thing very clear:  internships, volunteer experience, and even work experience rank very high among all work arenas — higher than the rank of the school, higher than GPA, and higher than specific courses.

So:  plan accordingly regardless of what school you ultimately go to (or are already studying at) — get involved in a myriad of ways and it will serve you well into the future!

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