Can you get into your major at the school you’ll transfer to?

The final aspect of community college exploration that needs to be addressed is this:  Once you attend the community college you chose and did the required coursework to transfer to a Bachelor’s granting institution, can you get into the major you want to major in?

This is becoming a problem at many transfer institutions (the Bachelor’s granting college).  Let’s say you were a psychology major at the community college and then applied to and gained admission to a Bachelor’s granting institution — what do you have to do (what are the requirements) to be a Psychology major at the next college?  Can you just declare the major and you are in?  Or, are there extra hurdles and hoops you must jump over to be the major you want to be?

At our institution, there are currently around 6 majors that have extra hurdles that you will have to jump over even if you are admitted to the university.  There are particular courses that must be passed with particular grades; there are a certain number of units that must be completed; and there are GPA requirements that must be met before you can apply to be in the major.  Otherwise, we use the phrase “expressed interest in X” to show that you are interested in a particular major but not yet actually admitted to the major.  This might seem sneaky; and, it kind of is.  Why would the institution accept you if you couldn’t also be in the major you want to declare?  This is exactly why we encourage to really do your research not only about the community college but also into the Bachelor’s granting institution to which you will transfer.  Otherwise, you will potentially be in for a surprise.

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