Career Counseling

Have you thought about or tried career counseling? Did you even know it was a thing? Now days, some high schools have counselors who’s primary focus is helping seniors with their college applications and providing career guidance. However, if that was not available at your high school (or you didn’t take advantage of it), these services are available in college!

I was recently reading these Noel-Levitz reports which indicate 47% of first year college students, at all types of institutions: two-year public (community/junior) and private colleges, four-year private and four-year public (but remember, in most cases students do not finish in four), desire career counseling!

Find out how soon you’re eligible to meet with a career counselor, once you have committed to a college. Are you eligible before orientation, or is it part of the orientation process? Is it something you can do after summer orientation, or do you have to wait till the regular academic term starts. Do not be afraid of meeting with a career counselor – they’re there to help, take advantage of their resources!

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