College Application Essay… Help!

HS senior, have you been practicing writing your college application essays? If your response is ‘no.’ then it is time to get with it! And yes, you need to practice!

Writing a great essay is not a 30-60 minute process, it’s a:

  • Write
  • Re-write
  • Re-write
  • Give to someone to edit
  • Edit
  • Realize you want to re-write
  • Re-write
  • Give to a different person for edits
  • Edit
  • A little more re-writing

and then FINALLY have your finished product! That’s a 10-step process.

The essay is a lot fewer steps than learning your concert (insert your instrument here) piece, or the 18 weeks of (insert sport here) practice, or memorizing 1,368 lines of (insert theatre production here) agony. Also, it’s great if your English teacher makes you do a ‘college application essay’ assignment, but that is just an assignment, it should not be what you’re actually turning in with your application(s).

Take a look at these interesting college application essay questions. Pick a few to work on, and get to practice!

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