College Ready! English and math ready?

High school student, are you college ready? My guess is your response is yes! Or even something along the lines of “heck yeah!” So I am going to rephrase the question, are your English and math skills, and specifically state exam scores, college ready? Do you qualify for college level math and English classes or will you be placed in a remedial level class? I hate bringing the mood down, but, if your skills or scores are not college level, it’s time to do some research.

Check your scores, more than likely the numbers mean different placements at each school you’re accepted to. What is college level/ready at one institution does not mean college level at another – even for schools in the same system. If your score is not college level for the college you plan to enroll at, what are your options?
* If you’re allowed to retake the state exams, do it. Retaking the test will cost a lot less than paying college tuition for a high school level class.
* If you cannot retake the exam(s), is there a summer course you can take which will cover the remediation requirements? If so – take it and pass!
* If you are enrolling at a “four-year” college, can you take a college level class at a community college during the summer, and then transfer that class (grade and GPA) to the bachelor granting institution, and therefore bypass the remedial requirement?

Do your research! With the rising costs of higher education, you want to spend your time and money wisely!

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