Community college . . .why choose it?

The previous blog talked about community colleges — explained a bit about what they are and encouraged you to locate nearby community colleges.  Did you find one?  What kinds of majors did it offer?  Did any of the courses look interesting to you?

Choosing to attend a community college first and then transfer to a Bachelor’s granting institution can be a good decision for some students.  Here are some pros and cons that we talk about in our book (Chapter 3):


Cost:  attending a community college is a fraction of the cost of a Bachelor’s institution, especially if you can live at home.

Transfer Priority:  most Bachelors institutions give priority to students transferring in from community colleges (rather than transferring in from another Bachelor’s institution).

Flexibility:  if going to school full time is not possible or desirable, a community college can offer much more flexibility in terms of full or part-time status.


College “feeling”:  because community colleges are often nearby to one’s high school area, going “off to college” is not the same experience at a community college.

Time to graduation:  once you transfer to a Bachelor’s institution, it may still take you more than another 2 years to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree.  Sometimes it is hard to get classes (late registration dates); sometimes the major Department at the Bachelor’s institution will require a student to repeat some courses due to Departmental policy.

Choosing to go to a community college is an excellent option for some students.  But, it is important to do your research; consider your goals and expectations for your college experience; and, then, put your best foot forward!

Next time, we’ll think about Bachelor’s institutions.


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