High School seniors – congratulations on your acceptance letters (emails)! We know waiting to hear from all the institutions to which you applied caused anxiety and stress, but you made it! Now you’re faced with the task of deciding which school, or schools, to say “yes, I plan to attend” and sign-up for orientation. Yes, you read correctly, it is okay to tell more than one college you plan to enroll in the Fall. For institutions that have orientation during the summer (June/July), this option provides you a final look at the school and truly get a feel for what it will be like to be a student there. There is a lot involved with orientation, and we’ll blog more about it as the time gets closer. For now, pay attention to the date you must inform the school of your decision and continue doing your happy dance – you’re going to college!

A special shout-out to Sophie, one of our readers, who was accepted to five, or was it six, colleges! She received scholarship offers at multiple institutions and made a wonderful decision to attend University of California, Irvine, where she was accepted into the nursing program!

College seniors – your “congratulations” is just a few weeks away! Keep giving 100% to your projects, papers and exams, they are your final preparation for life after college, i.e. WORK. Hopefully you are in the midst of interviews; the career center on our campus is currently hosting on-campus interviews with a variety of employers/industries. What is better than having the employer come to you (your campus) for a first interview? Visit your career center to polish your resume and start interviewing ASAP!

A second special shout-out to Rita, one of our readers, who is graduating with a business degree in just a few weeks and was recently offered a full-time job related to her major! Congratulations!

A final congratulations, to Wilson, who I mentioned in last week’s blog (below) – he was accepted into the study abroad program in Canada!

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