Do you have a disability? Do you want to go to college?

If you, or someone you know, has a disability (physical, psychiatric, or intellectual) you CAN go to college!  While most people with disabilities state that they want to attend college,  only about 60% enroll (as noted in this article).

Coming straight out of high school may mean that you had access to resources (longer testing times, accommodating texts, etc) due to either a teacher/counselor or parent that advocated for you.  K-12 education has been increasingly successful in helping students with disabilities compared to colleges.

So, what does this mean for you?  You can be successful at college; but, you need to do your homework.  Once you have indicated where you intend to enroll, find out where the office is that is set up specifically to help students with disabilities.  At our university it is called “Services for Students With Disabilities” (SSWD).  Call or email the appropriate office to find out how to schedule an assessment as well as to find out what resources are available to you.  Find out where the counseling center is for advising and psychological services.  Your student fees pay for these services, take advantage of the resources and services you need to be successful.  These services may not be as automatic as you found them to be in high school; that’s OK.  Exercise your assertive skills and seek out what you need to graduate!

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