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Earlier this week, I said, writing a good college application essay takes practice. Knowing you’re a great student, I’m sure you’ve been practicing the past three days, right? Of course you have! Or, maybe not, because you need a little inspiration. Look no further!

I recently read a blog about Sean Means, from Memphis, TN. He is now a first year student at Stanford University, and a recipient of a Ron Brown Scholarship. He wrote some heartfelt application essays. His essays inspired me; I believe they can do the same for you. Read this and this. (Read them!)

After reading those, are you ready to give your application essays your best? Put your fingers on your key board and let your words flow from your heart. You’re going to edit those words, again, and again, and again, so, for now, just let them flow!

Finally, remember this advice from Kim Lifton -

The application essay is not an English paper; it is an opportunity to show admissions officers who you are, that you will fit in, and that you can write well enough to succeed at their school. The admissions team that is responsible for making recommendations for next year’s class reads a lot of applications. So be careful: You don’t want to bore them or submit a piece that is simply uninspiring.

Forget about rubrics and grades. Ditch the five-paragraph essay format. Just write something genuine that is reflective, will make the person reading your essay smile and want to know more about you. 

Believe in yourself, give your best, and don’t make excuses! Get to writing, and good luck!

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