Excitement & Patience

Your deadline to say “yes!” to the colleges you have been admitted is quickly approaching, or may have recently passed; congratulations on making your decision(!), we know it may have been difficult. Many of the high school students I have been interacting with were deciding between some big name institutions – their lists were impressive! However, in my career in higher education, it has not always been this way. For some students, in my recent past, being admitted to the one university they applied, was a big deal, and deciding to enroll was an important decision for the student and her/his entire family. The opportunity to go to college is an accomplishment, and enrolling is a big deal!

Now that the excitement of the admission decision is winding down, it is another time for patience. If the admissions deadline has not yet passed, or has only passed by a few days, be patient with the college’s orientation team, you may need to check their website a few times a week for announcements on dates and deadlines. Be patient with the transcript evaluators, they are still processing you exam scores and transferring credits/units onto your new college academic record. Be patient in planning a vacation and weekend trips, the university is still announcing programs and events for the summer which you may want to attend – be flexible to adjusting plans. Colleges and universities are not like Internet search engines or online shopping that have realtime updates. Regular people are processing forms and paperwork, and are working off of dated spreadsheets (automated tools are expensive, and our budgets are lean).

Thank you, in advance, for being patient with us! We look forward to seeing you at orientation and ‘welcome’ events. We are happy you chose to come here – where ever here is, and we look forward to supporting your academic and career aspirations!

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