FAFSA Blues 2

In order to qualify for financial aid, a student must demonstrate “basic student eligibility.”  The criteria includes:

Demonstration of financial need;

A high school diploma (or equivalent) completed or in progress;

US citizen or permanent residency status;

Hold a valid Social Security Number (SSN);

Plan to enroll in an eligible degree or certificate program;

Men (18 – 26 years old) must register for selective service (the FAFSA itself has a box to check in order to do meet this requirement).

The SSN is critical to the FAFSA as it is how you obtain a PIN (personal identification number). Having a PIN allows you to e-sign the FAFSA and submit it online. If you do not have a SSN, you can apply at your local post office or Social Security office.  If you are a under the age of 24 you will need your parents’ SSN, too. If your parents do not have a SSN, you should enter all zeros when asked for the number. You can still apply for, and be granted, financial aid even if your parents do not have a SSN.  Do not use an invalid SSN; this could seriously damage your ability to receive financial aid.


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