Finding a Mentor

Research shows that students who develop a mentoring relationship with a faculty member will do better in school — academically as well as socially. A mentor can help you brainstorm solutions to challenges; a mentor can provide insight into the hidden realities of college success; a mentor can provide a friendly face when obstacles seem too large; and a mentor can help provide support even beyond college when letters of reference may be needed.

However, recent research (read or listen to here) shows that students of color, in particular women of color, have a disproportionate difficulty in finding a mentor at university/college.  These findings are truly discouraging; but do not give up!

You may have to work harder to find a mentor, but it is worth it.  It will help develop a strong support system for you while you traverse college life and all it entails.  Make an appointment with each of your instructors; get to know her/him outside of the classroom.  Decide if they would be a suitable mentor for you.  Then, you take the steps to help create the mentoring relationship.

You can do it!

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