First Year Experience

The 33rd Annual Conference on the First Year Experience (FYE) is underway. Thousands of leaders in higher education have gathered to learn, share, and generate fresh ideas to implement at their home institutions. I, Heidi, am one of them.

Great sessions and conversations on:
* conference origins
* tailored campus programs
* specialized mentoring
* common books (books read by the whole campus/first year class)
* current treads, issues and research
* authentic and value laden education
and so much more, have my creativity overflowing. I am excited to return to work!

John Gardner’s mission for FYE was ‘to teach students to love the university,’ for me, that is inspiring! This conference has lead me to formulate a purpose statement for my return to my home campus; it is ‘create community amongst first year students.’ I look forward to updating you on how this statement is transformed into action!

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