Get Engaged (with school)

More and more studies (see Liz Riggs recent article in The Atlantic) point to the struggles that college students encounter; first generation college students in particular, but in my experience of working with many kinds of students, all are bound to find college challenging at some point in their college career.


What should you do when you encounter a challenge?  You should refamiliarize with campus resources (remember the worksheet that had you list the resources and their location?!).

Counseling Services:  all college campuses have counseling services available to students at no cost (they are part of student fees).  Take advantage of this great opportunity to talk aloud about what is happening (challenges and victories) in your academic and personal life.

Academic Advising:  college campuses make academic advising easy but they don’t always require it.  You take the first step and do a drop in academic advising session.  Most advisors will listen and provide feedback related to academic work, career questions, and faculty-student interactions.  They can also typically point you in the ‘right’ direction if you are struggling.

Campus Clubs and Organizations:  If you haven’t taken the time to check out the campus organizations and clubs, now is the time to do it!  Get involved – if for you that means just attending something, great!  Pick out an event or organization meeting to attend.  You can “shop around” until you find a good fit.

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