Get involved even before you move!

You can get involved with your selected college or university even before you are moved in and ready to study!  As Joel Bauman reports here, more and more institutions are making it possible to know who is attending what event.  They are also encouraging students (prospective and current) to upload ‘favorite pics of the day/event’.  This kind of connectivity allows you to get to engaged with your peers even before you are on campus.  Your parents will also be asked to post pics.

There are many ways to think about this opportunity:

— early engagement with peers;

— quick feedback to your college/university with regard to what you liked or didn’t like about the event;

— ways to share with others (parents, friends, family) about the event itself;

These opportunities for connectivity might seem like  ‘easy advertising’ for the college; but setting aside cynicism for a minute, it can be a way to begin to look forward to the relationships and opportunities you are soon going to be exposed to daily.  Think positive!  Get engaged through social media.  Get ready for this next step . . .

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