The Choice: To Minor or Double Major?

My major is only 37 units, but I need 120 to graduate. Should I minor or double major?

This situation is actually a great predicament to be in. You have the opportunity to graduate with a broad range of knowledge and experiences!

Speak with your major advisor and a career counselor on your campus since they each should be familiar with the majors and minors offered at your institution. Ask your major advisor for ideas on second majors and minors; s/he should have recommendations which would be an asset, or compliment, to your major. While investigating these options, make sure to take note of how many units each of them are; it would be best to keep yourself close to the 120 unit minimum.

Ask the career counselor about career options within the major(s) and minors you’re investigating. Find out if there are internship opportunities in these fields in the local area. Conduct some informational interviews to help you narrow your options.

Have fun making this decision!

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