Here we go . . .

On our campus, classes started today.

To all of the students:  give your best!  Have fun!

To all of the faculty:  Give your best!  Have fun!  Even if it is the umpteenth time teaching this class, remember your audience is fresh, new, impressionable, and ready to learn.

I (Cindi) have been writing syllabi the past few days . . . imaging the students who will be in my classes.  I’ve written about learning objectives, course requirements, reading lists, and grade assignments.  I have packed a lot of information into my syllabus — I encourage all students to become very familiar with it as it will be a critical guide throughout the semester.  I consult my syllabus frequently to remind myself of what I’ve told the students I would be doing and how (and when!) I will be holding them accountable.

I’ll check in after tomorrow to recount some first day of classes stories!

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