How to share the college experience: students and parents

Have you heard the term ‘Student Lifecycle Management (SLM)?’ SLM refers to the phases and stages students and parents go through within educational systems. A few months ago, Chris McNamee, wrote this article for Hobsons on managing SLM.

In relationship to higher education, SLM can get really confusing really fast, for both students and parents. For parents, higher education has changed significantly both financially and academically from when they went to college, and for students, the K-12 years of education were planned, where as in college, personal choice and freedom reign.

Mr. McNamee provides a good frame of reference for what SLM should look like on the college level:

  • Advising/academic planning,
  • University services/resources,
  • Engaging campus life.

These are just a few things students and parents should keep in mind while researching institutions and deciding where to apply.

Our campus tour worksheet provides an extensive list of resources campus’ may provide which will help you manage your SLM – take advantage of everything the college has to offer, especially if you believe the K-12 system you went through hasn’t not thoroughly prepared you for higher education.

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