HS Final Year vs. College First Year

High School seniors! Your year is almost over,  you probably don’t have  much to worry about academically (since you’ve already been accepted into college), so you’re letting senioritis sink in and relaxing! Soak it up and enjoy, because here is what your college friends are experiencing…

First Year College student! What a difference a year makes, wouldn’t you say? You’re pushing yourself to make the Dean’s List, or get off Academic Probation, you’re frustrated with your roommate for ALL his/her annoying tendencies, and the group project you’re part of is so far off track you’re just praying for a passing grade. Ugh! When will it be over? Not soon enough, because finals are almost here!

Students! Enjoy which ever stage you’re in, because before you know it, these days will be in the past. Good luck with finals – to both of you!

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