Just in case you didn’t trust us . . .

Today’s post will be short and sweet:  In case you’re wondering if  the advice and hints to success we give you (here at the blog, but also in the book) are really true, check out this piece by a professor on the other side of the US.

Her list is long-ish (21 points); but the first 10 points are critical to keep in mind:  #2 says to “read all of your syllabi carefully.”  Our book has an entire section on how to read syllabi, how to understand the percentages each assignment will contribute to your total grade, etc.  Syllabi are critical sources of information for each course; they are the “play book” or “rule book” of each course.

Please take a chance to read the list 1 – 10 and then skip to #21.  It, too, is really good.


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