Major? Career? College? Is it worth it?

After reading last week’s blogs, maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused about career choices and selecting a major, it’s understandable. College is the time when ‘adult’ decision making begins. (However, we know, may of our readers have life situations that have required them to make adult decisions early in life.) Often ‘adult’ decisions seem daunting.

Yesterday, at orientation, with transfer students who want to be nurses, I had REAL conversations about trying to get into our nursing program = it’s harder than getting into medical school (at our institution)! Hearing that, you might start thinking “never mind, I’m not going to college!” I recently read this article which opposes the writers who say ‘don’t go to college, follow your dreams now.’ Here’s my favorite excerpt from it:

Taken from: Sunil Rajaraman: People routinely refer to anomalies like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to beef up their argument. Stop referring to diamond-in-the-rough talents to make your case! For our society to function, people have to design cars, work in PR, be lawyers, doctors, etc, etc, etc. Aside from the aforementioned three guys, take a look at the “about us” page on basically any tech (or non tech) company you can think of and you’ll note that… all the execs have degrees.

Face your daunting decisions, make a choice and pursue! You’ll be much happier with yourself when you figure out your decision was good, or maybe it was bad – but at least you tried, then you can go for the next thing with lessons learned!

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