Major/Career Wrap-up

In this final post about careers and majors, I am wrapping up with two things I’ve read and heard this week.

First, in all honesty, a “four-year” college/bachelor’s degree, isn’t for everyone (gasp!). Yes, that’s the truth. Many people are perfectly happy with the career provided by their associate degree from a community/junior college, or a certificate from a speciality program. If this seems more realistic for you, review this article and do some research on programs of those types.

Second, last night (6/12/14) on Market place, I heard Tech companies don’t just recruit from the Ivies. Maybe your best strategy for getting a job at your ‘dream’ company is by going to the university in its closest proximity. Give the 3 minute story a listen!

Remember: there are very few majors that lead to a specific career. It is okay to go to college not knowing exactly what career/major you want, however, we encourage you to pick 2-4 majors that seem interesting and get started on them your first year – it’s your best strategy to graduate!

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