Majors & Careers – They are Not the Same

For the next two weeks, our blogs will revolve around college majors. Often times, when talking about college, academic majors become a substitute for a career. Majors and careers are not the same thing. I clearly remember telling my dad I was majoring in communications and he asked if I was would someday be a TV news anchor. (I never took a journalism course!)

Whether you are about to graduate high school, or just did, or you’re in your first, or second, or maybe even third year of college, and have not decided on a major, we have a few recommendations to help you narrow your choices.

• Do our Self-Inventory worksheet! It’s downloadable for free, on the Worksheets link (above). If you put a little time into it, it should help you clarify your strengths and interests.
• Ask your high school/college counselor if there are any internship opportunities s/he could connect you to this summer. Real world experience helps sort likes and dislikes quickly! (The internship more than likely will be a volunteer position/unpaid.)
• Review all the majors offered at the college you plan to attend/are attending. Generally the college’s ‘course catalog’ can provide a comprehensive list of all the majors at the institution. You may find something appealing you didn’t know it was a major! Our catalog provides a list of careers associated to each major.
• Talk with people who know you well – ask them what careers they “see” you doing and why they came to that conclusion. My high school principal told me I should be a teacher, I thought he was nuts, but now I’m an academic advisor – and although not the same thing, both are connected to education.

As you do these things, take notes. Reflecting on your options will help you make an informed decision on the classes you take in the Fall term.

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