Mid Semester Challenges?

Are you struggling in a class?  Are you ready for the semester to be over (already)!?  You are not alone!

There will be peaks and valleys in each semester.  If you find yourself in a valley due to a challenging course here are some things to consider:

Why is the course difficult?  Is it the content?  Is it the professor?

If it is the content, reevaluate how much time you are spending outside of class studying for the class.  Adding  an extra 1-2 hours a week will give you the extra edge you need to feel less stressed and more confident.

If it is the professor, have you gone to the professor’s office hours?  We really encourage you to visit the professor in her/his office hours.  Professors (like all people) act differently in different contexts.  In class, the professor may just talk and go through the lecture without much interaction.  But, in an office situation, you may find the professor to have a different interactional style (perhaps one that is more helpful to your own learning style).  Try visiting office hours; write down at least two questions related to the class that you would like to have answered.  Approach your professor with those questions.

Faculty office hours are part of the campus resources that students have access to; use them!

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