Mid Term Mania

Today, when I walked into my lower division class to begin lecture, the following interaction ensued:

Me:  Last night, I sent around the Homework #3 assignment via our course webpage.  Did everybody see it?

Class:  Yes.

Me:  Did anyone start on the homework and try applying the new concepts?

Class:  No.

One Student:  I am waiting for the study guide.  (The syllabus notes that a study guide will be handed out prior to the midterm day.  The midterm is 2 weeks away).

Me:  Um, you should be studying and trying the homework right now, not waiting for a study guide!

So, here’s the thing:  Waiting for a study guide in order to study course materials is waiting far too long.  This strategy has very long odds for success.  Instructors/professors assign homework in order to give you the chance to practice what you are learning in class.  Obviously, the chances that the concepts from the homework are also on the mid term are pretty good.  However, why wait to study?

You shouldn’t.

Instead, take the time now to plan a study strategy for mid terms — whether they are one or two weeks away.  Plan out your days so that you work in time to study the materials you are engaging with today.  Make studying your job.  Right now your job is to be in school and to be successful.  Treat studying just as important as a full time job.  It will pay off.  We guarantee it!

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