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So, what activity/activities did you engage in these past 10 days or so? Me? I went to a movie in the library (it was on language revitalization among the Lakota); I attended a fall picnic; and, I went to a 1/2 day conference which gave me recent updates about human origins. Three activities — they all were excellent ways to spend my time; I met new people; made connections and networked (and, I got to eat pizza at one event, pita and hummus at another, and a box lunch from the last one — yes, even faculty are motivated by food!). In short — I got involved last week in some on-campus events and it was excellent. I learned things and met new people. I hope you also joined some activities and met some new folks — if not last week, then do it in the coming weeks.

Next: the library! Have you explored your library yet? I will admit I am “used” to libraries; I think I know how they work. But, I also recognize that all libraries have their own organization (yes, they all may use Library of Congress as their numbering system, but which floor the A’s start on and which floors the P’s start on, isn’t consistent!). This past week I also took the opportunity to acquaint myself with my new institution’s library. I received hand outs; I talked to the reference librarian; and, I walked amongst the books. It is important to do this. Even if most of your everyday resources are online, at some point you are going to need your library (if not the stuff in it, then certainly the people in it!). Better to be somewhat familiar now, than to wait to last the minute.

You may have gotten a tour of the library during orientation. But, that was forever ago and you weren’t really paying attention, right? So, go back. Sign up for a tour. Ask a specific question of the reference librarian. Go to each floor of the library and just see what’s there. Trust me; it will be beneficial. My library is open 24 hours a day — it is a brightly lit spot to study, with lots of resources. But, remember — if you are there late at night (or even during the day) — study in a well-lit section where other people are also present. Don’t be all alone in one area where it is isolated. Libraries might appear to be safe, but caution is always warranted.

Go to your library! Check IT out; and check a book out, too, while you are there. You won’t regret how the familiarity of the building and the stacks (shelves where the books are) will help you later on!

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