More College Rankings

The professional, social media network, LinkedIn, recently got on the college ranking band wagon. LinkedIn states the following on their education specific website (

Which schools are best at launching graduates into desirable jobs? We analyzed millions of alumni profiles to find out how schools around the world stack up across a variety of careers.

The website then goes on to share their three step process of how they identified the colleges within their eight career categories. The career categories are: Accounting, Design, Finance, Investment Banking, Marketing, Media, Software Developers and Software Developers at Startups. Even if those categories aren’t interesting to you, the information is unique and worth a look.

In addition to rankings, you can utilize the ‘University Finder’ feature to locate colleges that match these three things:
* What do you want to study? (select major)
* Where do you want to work? (select a company/corporation)
* Where do you want to live? (select a city/state)

Additionally, you can also view profiles of alumni of the ranked institutions.

Full access to all the information and the site tools requires a LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, I recommend taking these suggestions from TheSavvyIntern’s article titled: Your LinkedIn Profile Sucks… Here’s How to Fix That.

Have fun!




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