Movin’ . . . back home?

As I drove onto campus this morning, I saw several U-Hauls and trucks being loaded with boxes, suitcases, and other dorm room items.  A student told me that her rented combo microwave/fridge had to be given back today . . . she has to last until Thursday without cooled refreshments!

An academic year (AY) has passed or is almost passed.  Some of you are moving (back) home with family, others find yourselves there already (didn’t move out, but have been living there all AY).  But, it is summer.  Routines must change and time management must be addressed.

If you are moving back home after spending the college year in the dorm or other campus housing, it is time to have a discussion with your family members about:

Curfew:  What time should you be home at night?

Meals:  Will you be eating with your family? Do you need to give notice if you are not going to be home for a meal?

Laundry:  Who will be doing your laundry (including towels and other general use items)?

Obligations:  What responsibilities will you have around the house?

If you have been living at home during school, you still need to discuss some of these issues — they need to be re-negotiated and established on a yearly basis.  You are getting older and more independent and therefore more responsible, most likely.  Have these adult discussions with your family; it is great training for future roomates and/or loved ones.


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