New term, new motivation

College students, it’s a new year – how many resolutions did you make that are associated to good grades for your Winter or Spring term? Maybe you don’t believe in making resolutions, but you set goals – excellent!  Resolutions or goals, either way, the only way to find success is if you have an action plan (short-term goals), that enables you to reach the long-term goal.

Remember the Prepping for Finals blog I wrote in December? It’s the one where I asked “how many hours do you study each day?” Knowing students rarely study enough, I challenge you to study for two hours before 2pm, and two more hours after 2pm, each day.  Yes, four hours a day! A strategy for making this (or any goal) attainable, is to make a schedule. I suggest you download our Time Management worksheet and document what a typical academic week looks like for this term. While documenting your day to day activities, include writing study on the worksheet in four one-hour time blocks. Make sure your study time slots are realistic, i.e. not at 4:00am; set yourself up for success! (It may be more feasible to set the four hours a day goal for five days a week. You can reward yourself by studying just two hours each day on the other two days!)

If developing good study habits seems like a daunting task, attend a time management and/or study skills workshop on your campus. These types of information sessions are often hosted by a variety of offices, such as: tutoring centers, major department programs, academic advising offices, psychological counseling center, student organizations, or even the library! If you’re unable to locate an event of this type, see an academic advisor and  talk to your professors during their office hours – professors have tips on how to best study the materials in their courses.

It’s a new year, new term, and you are the new you – as an academic! Give your best, make yourself proud!

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