Packing List 1

If you are going to live in the residence halls this fall, we hope you have been making a list of what to take with you.  On the Quad has some great lists of things to think about taking with you; be sure to check it out.

In the meantime, I think the list provided here is thorough enough and yet doesn’t overwhelm.  It also includes practical advice about stuff you can easily purchase at your college destination.  Keep in mind that it may be just as easy to buy it once you get there as it is to lug it — even a few miles.  Also, remember you can have it shipped to your dorm room — just be careful with the timing.  Check the internet for average monthly temperatures in the college town, especially if it is a new location for you.  Having the right kinds of clothes (footwear included) can be critical.  In my conversations with other parents who have kids headed out this Fall for college, many of them have already made plans for various winter holidays; that is, they have booked train/bus/air tickets for their kids to get home during long holidays where dorms often shut down.

Finally, be thinking about how you want the last week at home to go; if you are already concerned about hurried good-byes or being sad, make room in your upcoming schedule to spend some extra time with people who are important to you.  Be sure to let them know they are important to you.  Put them on your list!

This is a hectic and exciting time — take some of the anxiety out of the situation by making lists, planning ahead, and preparing (your heart and mind)!

Next:  What kind of list do you need if you aren’t going away to college?  Trust me, you still need a list!

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