Packing List 2

Are you headed to college this fall?  Are you going to live at home (or in your current residence)?  You still need to plan ahead for things to have on hand from the first day of classes.

While we have some great advice in On the Quad, you can also look at this list of necessary school supplies for First Year College Students.  The list includes everything from highlighters and tiny staplers to index cards.  Yes, index cards.  You might be thinking:  “Index Cards?!  Those are so old-school! I’m going to use a computer/tablet/phone for all my notes and classes.”  Don’t forget to check out our previous blog (here) which talks about how important it can be to take notes by hand; to listen and write during lectures.  I see students use index cards frequently in my classes (especially in my introductory courses where information is key — memorizing new terms/vocabulary, remember formulas, etc.).

Take a minute to think about what kinds of study habits you had in high school.  Make a list of how you studied (reading material, taking notes, highlighting, etc.).  Then, take about 15 minutes to reflect (be honest!) on whether these habits were successful or not.  If they were, circle the habit.  Then figure out if you need any supplies to support that habit.  Carrying successful habits forward into your first year of college is a reasonable strategy for success.  You may find that you need to add new strategies to be successful, but you have to start somewhere.

Now, back to that list . . .index cards, pens, notebook paper,  . . . have fun!

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