Prepping for Finals

College students (possibly high school students as well), your Fall term is coming to a close and final exams are right around the corner. Are you ready for them?

For the past two months I have been doing quite a bit of academic advising with students, and nearly every advising session includes asking about study habits.  My exact question often is: “how many hours per day do you study – and let’s take yesterday’s hours as your example?” With great frequency, a number between 0–2 hours is given as the response. That number of hours is NOT enough. (The majority of these students are in their first year of college.)

To illustrate the point of 0-2 hours not being enough, I ask the student at what time s/he went to, and left, high school daily. Generally, a week of high school is between 36-40 hours. I then explain, although a college student’s day isn’t compact, like 7:30/8:30am to 2:30/3:30pm, a college expects students to spend the same number of hours per week, on college academics (as a student spent in high school). In some cases, more hours per week are needed! I usually follow-up that statement with this question: “did you expect college to be easier than high school?

So students, how many hours, did you spend studying yesterday? (Those are hours outside of going to class!) Our book, chapters 8 & 9, provides a great list of study suggestions and campus resources to help you make the most of your study hours – buy a copy today, or put it on your holiday gift list – it’s a lot easier to read than your science textbook!

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