School is your job

School is your job.

Let that sink in.

School is your job.  Oh, I know; you may have a job — one that pays you by the hour; or, even a salary.  You might even think of it as a “real job” while you are going to school.  But, please consider reversing this order of priorities.  (And, realize, we actually encourage students to have part time jobs — up to 20 hours a week even; studies show that working part time while going to school can be a successful pairing — time management increases, boredom stays away, etc.)

But, I want you to consider making school your job.  This means you prioritize school (classes and studying) the same way you would your job.  You set aside 2 hours for every unit you are enrolled in to study.  If you are enrolled in 12 units, then you study 24 hours outside of class per week for those courses.    Set up a designated study space.  Be in that space for the required times to study for whatever is on your agenda.  Set up a “schedule” that has you ‘working’ on X class for Z amount of time every day or other day.

If you reach out to your professor with a question or a request, you need to check back with him/her in order to follow up appropriately.  Just like with a job:  if you reach out to your boss to change your schedule, don’t you constantly check/recheck your phone or email to find out his/her reply?  This should be true of a question or request to an instructor:  if you ask for an extension of  a deadline or to turn in homework late, you should be checking and rechecking the phone/email to find out the reply.  Prioritize school.

If your main goal is to work and draw a pay check.  Then do that.  Think carefully about school.  But, if your main goal is to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, then do that.  And do it with vigor and dedication.

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