Sexual Assault on Campus

College is an amazing experience, but amazing experiences do come with risks. Assault, especially sexual assault, is something all students and parents need to be aware of. Over the past few weeks, National Public Radio (NPR) has been educating listeners on campus awareness programs, new technology created for safety, how to create safe environments and more; each report/story is powerful.

All students and parents should know the campus policy on assault, harassment, bullying and violence, before they have a reason to utilize the information. At our campus, all new students must complete two online training modules, one on sexual abuse, the other on alcohol education, before being allowed to enroll in their second term. These modules provide detailed information on what it means to give consent, descriptions of various types of assault, and how to report incidents.

When incidents do happen, our campus also has victim advocate who is on call, 24/7, and will come to the aid of assault victims. This person will assist the victim through the reporting process and medical visit, and will continue to be a resource and advocate during the investigation and law process (court/trail) if the incident goes that far. Colleges have the responsibility of taking care of their students!

Educate yourself on your campus policies; you never know when you’ll need them!

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