Study Abroad

If you are thinking about studying abroad while in college, it is not too early to begin your research and planning while in high school. The college’s study abroad website should have most of the important details. I suggest you research the following:
1. How well/do I need to know the language of the country?
2. Is there a GPA requirement?
3. Do I need to have earned a specific number of units, or completed a certain number of terms, before being allowed to go?
4. What is the ideal term/year to be abroad?
5. Does my major matter?
6. Will the courses I take abroad count toward my degree? Can they be used for general education/major/minor requirements?
7. May I select a study abroad program not sponsored by this college? If I do, can the units be used toward my degree?
8. How much does it cost?
9. How much money will I need to support myself, and for incidental expenses, while being gone?
If you talk with students who have been abroad while in college, my guess is 99% will tell you the experience is completely worthwhile. Start planning early so you are able to make the dream a reality!

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