Study Habits: Recognizing them

It is the time of semester where the excitement of things being new is wearing off and the drudgery of the “work” is setting in.  While our posts have reminded you to experience learning outside of the classroom (club activities, organizations, volunteers opportunities, etc), you also need to be able to successfully complete courses and move on to the next one.

To that end, I (Cindi) will be taking some time to think about study habits.  Study habits, like any habits, do not magically happen.  But, they do happen over time in such a way that in hindsight you may think that you magically “got” them.  But, before we get to creating them, let’s reflect on current habits.

Sit down by yourself somewhere and think about how you study.  Make a list of how you think you currently engage in the action of studying.

1.  class attendance (note taking, ppt accumulation, etc)

2.  reading through notes and ppt slides

3.  reading course materials

Next, consider what your body is doing in each of these moments (above).

Then, consider what your mind/brain is doing in each of these moments (above).

If, upon reflection, you realize that you aren’t “all there” when engaging in the 3 steps above, then it is time to set a new study habit course.  I will write about setting this new course later in the week.  Stay Tuned!  (In the meantime, think about what makes up your list of how you actualize studying!).

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