Study Habits: Retooling them

Study is a verb.  Verbs, as we all know, are most easily associated with action.  Study, is an action.  Study is work.  In order to retool study habits, it will require work and action.  The first step, as discussed in the previous blog, is to recognize current habits.  Then, figure out which parts need to be reconsidered and possibly changed.

We encourage you to think of study time as equivalent to a job.  It is just as important as a job (in fact, studying is the very work that you, as a student, must engage in to be successful and graduate).  You must learn to feel a sense of obligation to the act of studying so that you will fulfill your commitment to being a student, by studying.

To that end, consider these tips:
1.  Designate the days and times you will study on a weekly schedule (remember, for each 1 unit of course work, 2 hours of study is recommended; so 15 units = 30 hours of study, per week).

2.  Designate a location where you will do your studying.  It should not be your bed or your couch; it should not be a space where you are easily distracted or where others are engaging in play while you are studying.

3.  Set your alarm on your phone to alert you 10 minutes before the study time is to start.  Just like a job.  Remind yourself:  it is time to “get to work!” (aka study time).

Once you train your body (physical body) and your mind to think of studying as equivalent to a job, then you will have formed a very important part of the study habit.

Go set up your weekly schedule today!

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