Study vs. Learn

What do you do between classes, study or learn? What is the difference between these two words? Is there a difference? They seem different, right? Before you take a test, do you say… “I need to learn, or do you say, I need to study?” Take a moment to jot down your definition of these two words.

Which label, study or learn, would you put next to the following statements…

  • After class, I had coffee with a classmate and we discussed what our professor lectured about. ______
  • I’m headed to the library to read my textbook. ______
  • Tonight, I’m going to write flashcards to prepare for my exam. ______

Look at your responses. Now, look at the definitions you wrote. Could you say that when you study you’re learning? Or, when you learn, to really understand deeply, you need to study?

For those of you in college, embrace learning! You’re paying for your education, which, historically, means you WANT to learn. College shouldn’t be an experience of forced studying; college is a choice, and when making the choice to enroll, what your actions say to the world is “I choose to learn!” Make the most of your learning, and yes – it will include studying – enjoy it too!


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