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Where to Enroll? Part 2

I found out some shocking news this week, an institution I know well, has a 7% four-year graduation rate. Are you planning to graduate in four years?

If you are a college student, have you met with an academic advisor and mapped out your course schedule to achieve the four-year goal? In that meeting did you carefully discuss course sequencing to ensure the goal is realistic?

This university is not alone. There are numerous institutions of higher education across the nation with similar statistics.

High school students and parents, while making the decision on where to enroll, are you taking the college’s graduation rate into account? As ‘On The Quad’ states, the published graduation rate on an institution’s website is the six-year statistic, unless it is specifically notes the percentage is the four-year rate. When deciding how much you are willing to spend for a college education, the length of time to graduation is important. Is saving $3000-5000 annually, by going to a public school, a better choice than a private school, when their graduation rates differ by more than 20-40%?