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HS Class of 2015

You have arrived – senior year! How are you feeling?

  • For some it’s: great/terrific/epic
  • For others it’s: anxiety/stress/concern about college applications

Maybe you’re a blend of both; I think that is perfect!

The final year of high school should be enjoyed – it IS the FINAL year! (Unlike college, there’s no option of going back once it’s over.) However, the college application process is part of your senior year and it can quickly become overwhelming. Before getting in a panic, read the following advice, from a college president to HS seniors…

First, and most important, despite the uncertainties, remember that you have the ultimate power in the college selection process. That’s because there are thousands of colleges at which you can actively create the learning and growth that you want.

If you attend college determined to make learning and growth your priority, if you regularly take the risk to try new things, if you go meet your professors personally, and if you claim the campus as your home, the odds are very high that you will walk across the commencement stage in four short years with a profound sense of satisfaction.

You have the power to create long-term mentors and lifelong friends. You can grow in ways you’d never wish to trade away. You can develop your adult identity and your voice. Every college offers all this—but no college can do it for you. The greatest learners create the education they seek. That excerpt was taken from this article in Forbes.

Did you notice how many times he (the writer) said ‘you?’ (Read it again, count the you and your.) Yes, college is all about YOU! So, now is the time to make a plan to research colleges of interest, practice writing your application essay, schedule and go on visits/tours, and really think about what YOU want from your college experience! These things are part of your senior year – make them fun! And, don’t just leave them up to your parents and friends, they aren’t YOU!

Make sure YOU utilize our free, downloadable, worksheets, they’re sure to be helpful!