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Who Asks the Questions?

Today, a student came into the advising center with a question about her options for first-year composition (freshman English); when I called her name to talk with her, her mother immediately started asking questions.

Students: at college, you have to be in charge of your academics and the question asking; you’re the one going to class and getting graded on coursework. Since birth, mom or dad has been in-charge of a lot of aspects of your life, but now, it’s time for you to ask the questions and be responsible for the information!

Parents: empower your children. If you have questions you believe your child/student should be asking, have a conversation with your student about your inquiries. Maybe your student already knows the answers to some of questions, but if not, together come up with a list of questions that should be asked.

It is great when students have the support and assistance of their parents, especially first year students, and especially first generation college students! But students, it is time for you to raise your level of responsibility! Together, use this summer as a time to begin transitioning the balance of power. Dont’ worry – you still have each other – and you’ll both be stronger with the efforts!