Take a break. Be thankful.

For most college and university students, it is break time.  Some of you may have the whole week off (for Thanksgiving holidays); others, just the Thursday and Friday combination.  Whatever break you get, take time to have a break.  And, take time to be thankful.

The break:

There is a good chance that you have loads of schoolwork to do.  Acknowledge it; make a plan for attacking it.  But.  Do not forget to take a break of some sort.  It is better if you make a plan for both taking a break as well as getting homework done (material read, essays written or outlined, and study time in general).  Grab a piece of paper (or your phone organizer) — sketch out the days and times you have until you have to be back at campus.  If you are also working, include that, too.  Sketch the study time, the work time, and the R&R time.  It is critical that you take a break but don’t stop studying.  You will have a better holiday in general; and, you won’t be as panicked or stressed when you head back to classes next week.

The thanks:

Take time to be thankful.  Reflect on your school experience so far.  Be thankful you are in school and that you are working hard.  Think about the final stretch in front of you — make a plan to study hard so that you can relax well for a few weeks during the upcoming longer winter holiday.  It is important to own your actions thus far; and, be thankful you have the chance to reflect on your progress.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Cindi and Heidi

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