Test Taking Anxiety?

Driving into work this morning, I heard on the radio that high school students will take upwards of 50 tests during their final years of high school.  Some of these include AP (Advanced Placement) tests which will count for college credit, some will be exams that help students gain admission into colleges — for example, the SAT and ACT.

But, do you know about the PSAT (the pre-SAT)?  It is a great test to take in order to get ready for the actual SAT later on.  The PSAT can help you understand the nature of the SAT, how well you will score in particular areas, and the context of the SAT.  It is a way to practice and test your abilities without the potentially high consequences the actual SAT holds.

You can check here for PSAT exam dates.

Also, while you are at it:  look at this page for your daily SAT practice question.

Good luck.

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