About the Book

On the Quad: How To Arrive, Survive and Thrive at College.
For Students & Parents. 2014 Edition. [Kindle Edition]
Based on ten years of experience and one-on-one meetings with thousands of first-year college students, two campus advisors offer students and parents practical, behind-the-scenes advice on how to choose, and be a success at the perfect college for you.
LEARN: How to choose the college that’s a perfect fit for you
; What to look for on your college campus tours
; How to complete admissions paperwork—including applications and college essays
; How to look in all the right places to get financial aid
; The best ways to approach your very first days at college
; How to deal with problem roommates
; How to deal with problem classes, class work and professors.
 WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? All college-bound students and their parents; High School juniors and seniors who are choosing their college right now; Families who are sending their very first student to college; Families who want a better result with their second and third students
; College freshman and sophomores who want to get a head start at college success.
 Two complete books are included—one for students, one for parents
; More than 10 decision-making guides and planning worksheets
; Five chapters devoted to getting into a great college
; Four chapters devoted to surviving college once you get there
; One chapter with Q&As from today’s student
; One All Access Pass to “Ask the Authors” at onthequadcollege.com.
On the Quad: How To Arrive, Survive and Thrive at College is a no-nonsense approach to making good decisions and achieving real success in your college career. With just a little help, you can make your college experience fun, exciting and successful. You’ll gain the confidence to ask the right questions and get the right answers from day-one of your college search, right through the first semesters of your new college life.
On the Quad is available as a Kindle book at Amazon.com.